Sunday, September 20, 2009

... And we're back!

Finally! After a long summer in Oslo, Norway - J and I are finally back in Beijing. Feels great! I must say that I see something I've missed on almost every corner, except for the mosquitoes of course. Atm we're crashing at Christina's place, but we're seeing something like 7 apartments a day - although - they're never really... it. I mean, either the kitchen is unlivable, or the bathroom is to small, and it is always in one of those apartments where everything else is PERFECT - that a crappy, super filthy little bathroom with a poor excuse for a shower emerges from a hole in the wall.. Anyways! First off, I wanna show you all some pictures from our summer in Norway! It was more or less perfect of course...

And please, please, pleeease - let me know if you know of any nice apartments in Sanlitun area, preferably with kitchens made for cooking and bathrooms that will improve hygiene.