Sunday, September 20, 2009

... And we're back!

Finally! After a long summer in Oslo, Norway - J and I are finally back in Beijing. Feels great! I must say that I see something I've missed on almost every corner, except for the mosquitoes of course. Atm we're crashing at Christina's place, but we're seeing something like 7 apartments a day - although - they're never really... it. I mean, either the kitchen is unlivable, or the bathroom is to small, and it is always in one of those apartments where everything else is PERFECT - that a crappy, super filthy little bathroom with a poor excuse for a shower emerges from a hole in the wall.. Anyways! First off, I wanna show you all some pictures from our summer in Norway! It was more or less perfect of course...

And please, please, pleeease - let me know if you know of any nice apartments in Sanlitun area, preferably with kitchens made for cooking and bathrooms that will improve hygiene.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dear person that stole my wallet.

Burn in hell. It was, believe it or not, a REAL LV wallet, and yes - the credit cards in it were the only ones I have. And yes - the ring in the coin pocket is real, and why YES - I was intending on both spending the money I had in it, AND use that ticket for that concert. Not to mention getting a tax deduction from those receipts. 

I cannot believe you would take advantage of a sweet drunk girl such as myself (I never claimed innocent!) in the middle of a civilized place like "Punk", while dancing to the only (15 minutes long) hip hop set Dj A-track played that night. You are a mean person and you suck. 

Fortunatly (for me, that is) China is karma-country numero uno. I cannot wait to see what she'll throw your way.
I got you a little something at Yashow today....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home again!

First of all. Airfrance. Dear. Can I have my luggage soon, you think? Now I've been in Beijing for 5 days, and it still hasn't arrived. I need the stuff in my bag. That is kinda why I packed it.

With that said - yey! The weather in Beijing is amaaazing, it is soo good to be back! Yesterday we chilled out in Ritan park, and the day before that we BBQ'd at Max & Jo's place. Love Beijing in the summer!! 

Today, Becs, Kathryn and I are gonna "babysit" Norwegian punkband Bonk - they are on a China-tour and will be playing Beijing at Mao Livehouse on Thursday 14th - that is tomorrow - make sure to see them!

That's it for now, gotta go out in the sun... Remember sunscreen!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Ok, so I'm the laziest blogger in the universe... Well - almost true, but then again it is easter, and I am back in Norway for a couple of weeks, working and hanging out with family and friends. The snow is melting nice and slooooowly - and after I decided to have a detoxeaster (it really works too - no drinking for a week now - and working out eeeevery day! I don't even recognize myself) it seems - nothing interesting is happening in my life, really. I guess I need to learn how to socialise with people when they drink and I don't. It is actually (for me, anyway) a lot harder than you think - or - than ONE thinks - because I tend to get tired, and cranky, and bored, and ultimatly - I just wanna go home and read a book or see a movie, or even - work on a project. And the worst part is - I am not even pregnant! Haha. Anyway - a good leisure activety right now is twitter however - I don't spend THAT much time there. Seems like they've taken the best elements from all the online communities and made a mixed one.

Oh lord. I am blogging about how I don't drink - and how I love twitter.

Thankfully my birthday is coming up soon! Some pictures from last years birthday:My friend Alf gave me a polariud camera with lots of film. Great present.No party is complete without pretty girls and sparkly Champagne...
...Apparently my friends know I feel that way. Champagnorama in the gift department!Our favourite superstar Egil Olsen - do check out the shit he did on my radioshow last summer. He is amazing.
Good times!
Now I really can't wait for this year! Have a lot of great friends. Yey.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I <3 tea!

Today, J and I (finally) went to Iris Street and bought tea! I completely fell in love with this tea called; Love At First Sight, it is soooo pretty, and it tastes damn good, too.The easiest way to get to Iris Street from Sanlitun is... - Take the line 10 to Guomao and switch to line 1. Take line 1 to Xidan and from there - you take the 46 bus. (Xidan is the last stop FROM Iris street, so I'm assuming it will take you there whatever side of the road you find it FROM Xidan.) I cannot remember what the stop you are getting off at is called, but it is kinda hard to miss, maybe 7-8 stops from Xidan - and there are teastores ALL over the place. Supposedly like... 600 of them. Have fun and go craz-tea! (Ok. No more caffeine for me.)

Rappers get hungry too

The funniest thing I EVER saw... Rapper, producer and general genious Pharrell Williams was getting some serious hunger on at the Charles De Gaulle Airport - but the people at McDonalds wouldn't make the Big Mack no Big Mac. It was 6 am - but still... Damn funny - he REALLY wants some fooood, hahaha. He even tries to bribe them with some singing and dancing. Too bad the French don't have a sense of humor, I'd fry that burger up in no time.

Come to Beijing, P! Here, they deliver 24/7.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We woooooon!

I cannot believe it! We have been waiting for this for SO long.
Druunk quizmasters, be-yathces. Know your Corey Hart is all we say.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Kinks & Kings

I honestly think J hums a line from a certain "Kinks"-song - every night. I wonder if there is any way I can actually start going to bed when I'm tired. It is like my subconsciousness thinks there is some kind of mean animal in my bed, whilst - most of the time - JUST KIDDING - it is just J! After the lecture at the South African embassy (where Europe got SLASHED btw - shame on you professor!) J & I went to the 5-0 (hahaha) to fix my residency and then off to the bank to pay an electric bill. Thankfully - for my EUROPEAN (what did he say again; "They are in the middle ages once again"?) wallet - the bank was closed and the verdict of a cold Beijing winter will not come until tomorrow. (How much CAN it be? This is China, after all...)

J & I ended up getting Mexican takeaway from Luga's (yey) and watched "The Tudors". If you have ever seen the series, have it ever occurred to you how MADLY SIMILAR actor William Compton is to Chris Martin of Coldplay? It was actually quite distracting, I regret now that J & I didn't bet on it - because he was ABSOLUTELY convinced it was Martin. But - alas - it ain't.

Who is Chris Martin and who is William Compton?

Anyway, so - I think - seeing as today is already the day I decided not to be late for the first time in maybe 27 years, I'm also gonna try to go to sleep within a reasonable hour. That hour is now.
So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for yoooooooou....