Friday, April 10, 2009


Ok, so I'm the laziest blogger in the universe... Well - almost true, but then again it is easter, and I am back in Norway for a couple of weeks, working and hanging out with family and friends. The snow is melting nice and slooooowly - and after I decided to have a detoxeaster (it really works too - no drinking for a week now - and working out eeeevery day! I don't even recognize myself) it seems - nothing interesting is happening in my life, really. I guess I need to learn how to socialise with people when they drink and I don't. It is actually (for me, anyway) a lot harder than you think - or - than ONE thinks - because I tend to get tired, and cranky, and bored, and ultimatly - I just wanna go home and read a book or see a movie, or even - work on a project. And the worst part is - I am not even pregnant! Haha. Anyway - a good leisure activety right now is twitter however - I don't spend THAT much time there. Seems like they've taken the best elements from all the online communities and made a mixed one.

Oh lord. I am blogging about how I don't drink - and how I love twitter.

Thankfully my birthday is coming up soon! Some pictures from last years birthday:My friend Alf gave me a polariud camera with lots of film. Great present.No party is complete without pretty girls and sparkly Champagne...
...Apparently my friends know I feel that way. Champagnorama in the gift department!Our favourite superstar Egil Olsen - do check out the shit he did on my radioshow last summer. He is amazing.
Good times!
Now I really can't wait for this year! Have a lot of great friends. Yey.

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  1. I love Twitter too!