Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home, ***** home...

Ahhh! I've been in Norway less than 24 hours, and I miss Beijing like crazy. The snow is nice and all, and it has been great seeing my friends of course, but ah.. My heart is still in Beijing - I even find myself reading random stuff at beijinger.com just to make sure I haven't missed anything. Ai ai. I seriously have to go back soon, it honestly feels like I am just visiting Norway this time, and like my home is Beijing. So strange. I guess it's because I've put so much effort into our apartment, and because J is there obviously - and all our friends, and - I seriously even miss my dentist. At least kinda. But it was great coming back in another way - my friends picked my up at the airport and we all hung out together all night - and had breakfast in the morning, they had all taken a day off work! Such sweeties. But I really, really miss J though. I cried like a crazy person at the airport in Beijing, the Chinese girls looked at me and giggled.

Let's see how good you are at leaving the love of your life indefinitely! Bitches. Haha.

Sunday Becci, Kathryn, J & I went to brunch at the Westin, and it was AMAZING, I still musj over all the things I didn't have time to eat, although we were there for like, 4 hours or something. And I didn't drink enough champagne, BY FAR. Next time... Fromage, bitches! ;)This is what Norway looks like right now - nice - and very, very cold - not to mention; very, veeeeery far away...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Going hooome

What's in a home? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet, so home would, were it not home called - retain that dear perfection which it owes without that title. Home, doff thy name, and for thy name which is no part of thee, take all myself.

In other words - Dear Beijing - I love you, but I'm going home (Oslo) for a while. I would like to thank you though, for blessing me with snow during my last couple of days, so that the transition would go smoother. Quite clever of you, although I actually preferred your premature days of spring.

However, I still have a couple of days left, and I will be back soon. Tonight we are going to Block 8 - to listen to the magnificent Dj Jan Lo spin us into joy, I think it is gonna be great, all my djfriends in NYC all rave about him, but I've yet to see him, so I really can't wait. Otherwise I can tell you that I've had a quiet week, were as the rest of the gang have been out - almost every night it seems. I was especially thrilled with J waking me up by snatching my pillow at 3.30 am the other night, haha.

Ok, going out to have breakfast with Julian, Duncan (and Will I guess?) with J, then we are hitting the Silk Marked, I've actually not been there more then ten minutes, once. Have a nice day, and do check out "Hot Pot" at Block 8 tonight! It will truly be amazing.

I hope. 
(Dj Whoo Kid & me at Bling)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What approach to choose?

I guess there are two ways of viewing the unexpected snowfall over Beijing. Last night I was cold, grumpy and grinchy. But, hey... Spring will come soon enough. In the meadow, we can build a snowman! How cool is that?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maybe in your country, they are afraid of pain.

A random conversation with my dentist this afternoon.

Dentist; So yeah, we now, uhm, repair the tooth.

Me: Can I have some anaesthetics?

D: You mean injection?

M: Yes I mean injection.

D: I think maybe, you don't need it.

M: I think maybe I do need it.

D: But I think maybe, no - you do not need it.

M: But I think I do.

D: I think maybe, no - it will make your mouth very numb.

M: I love it when my mouth is numb.

D: Uhm, I think maybe, Chinese people do not like it when mouth is numb.

M: Well, I am not Chinese.

D: Uhm. I think maybe, in your country they are afraid of pain.

M: Well... Ok, yeah - we are.

D: So maybe, it's ok. Please wait for a while.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shoutout to Cambridge!

Us Beijingers are so glad to see you're all reading the blog over there in Angleterre! I guess you wanna see the pictures of Julians date now, don't you? Well, seeing as my camera is broken, you'll all have to wait a couple of days for them... As for the pictures of Dj Whoo Kid in the fierce red glasses!Today was so nice, I think everyone had hangovers from last night, so we just compeletly chilled out - we ate, we drank, and yeah - we just chilled out, music, conversations, more beer, it was the perfect Valentines, and although I have a sleeping J on the sofa next to me and am so tired I've actually been considering just closing my eyes and falling asleep with my head against his, I think waking up tomorrow is gonna be such an amazing experience - IN MY BED - not so much in the living room, at least now that it's pre-ayi, post-party.

Oh - and thank you guys for the roses! They look better than ever now, I really think baking soda did the trick. <3

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What a day this has been.

Well, actually it really hasn't been that much of a day yet, seeing as we only got up a couple of hours ago. But! Yesterday was so much fun, still we totally stayed out too late, and now it is all a question of luck to see if we can get everything ready in time for tonights party... Dj Whoo Kid at Bling last night was great, but he played less eastcoast rap than we expected, still - he was really fun and nice. Kathryn took a lot of great pictures and we can't wait to see them. For now - we have some serious cooking to do - happy Valentines day!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ok, ladies... Happy V-day!!!

For one time only - we give you the astonishing Julian Walton. At 20 years old, he has already graduated from top notch schools such as Westminster, and is currently doing a Masters Degree in Chinese at the University of Cambridge. Julian enjoys hikes, all kinds of sports, reading, movies and hanging out with his friends. He has somewhat of a soft spot for romantic comedies, but don't tell him we told you... ;)Julian is a self proclaimed absolute music lover and appreciates good food more than anything, but still he is not the kind to frown upon the thrills of a chicken skewer, prepared on a simple BBQ street side. As he is an expert in the martian arts - he has a strong inner core and a comfortable Zen-like approach to him, vibes which he naturally spread amongst the people surrounding him. Julian is a very loyal friend, but he also loves just having fun and not worrying - and who can blame him? Worrying sucks.So - this Valentines day YOU can actually win a date with this catch of a man - we're not gonna promise you he'll go all the way - as Julian is the strong/sensitive type - but we can promise you the night of your life, drinks, dancing, great food and maybe even some flowers!If you wanna be Julians date for our Valentines party in Sanlitun this Saturday - just say the word; dearbeijing@gmail.com

Quiznight at Lush

OMG! It's raining!!!

I love the rain. It never rains in Beijing!!!

Dreams, soccer and blind dating

Yey, I didn't drink and blog. I think it's because I was so drunk I already fell asleep in the taxi on the way home - the good thing about that, is that the taxiride from Wudaokou to Sanlitun takes a small eternity to complete, and last night it only seemed like ten minutes or so.

All in all I actually feel quite good today, J is making pancakes, the waterguy has just been here to refill the tower and Norway beat the CRAP out of Germany in soccer - IN Germany... Go Drillo! I did, however, have the strangest dreams about this dinnerparty/black tie event that was taking place at my parents house, just for friends, but it was also for the Olympic comitee that I was all of a sudden leading - because everyone thought it went so well last summer, they decided to give it to Beijing one more time (the Olympics that is). Very confusing, I remember a lot of secret doors and bottles of frozen spirits and tables that weren't in the same height...

Strange. But - speaking of dinner parties, I can't wait for Saturday! We're having a lot of people over to our house, and well - it's more of a party than a dinner party - but! Seeing as it is Valentines day, we decided that everyone brings dates, aaaand - we also decided to set Julian up with someone! I'll make a more elaborate post about it later, but if you think you wanna join one of the most handsome Cambridge men (as in the University) currently working on his Chinese Masters degree here in Beijing - send us an email! 


More details to come... Hihi, I love the Internet!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quiztime (Where is Lein???)

Going to Lush to quiz with the gang. We really try to win every time, but it hardly ever happens. Just as well, neither of our kidneys would have benefited from the complimentary bottle of Jack for the winners anyway... Besides, Christina is leaving tomorrow, we have to get her wasted, if we could just get A HOLD OF HER HAWAIIAN ASS... Anyway, so if I blog anything else tonight I will most likely be drunk, so please, read with caution.


After my Chinese class, I had a nice jog around Sanlitun for an hour and a half or so, had a carrot and an apple, drank 2 liters of water (lukewarm) and then went for a refreshing and relaxing yoga class. It was really good to just cop off and restore my Zen. I can now do both the "Crane" and the "Elephant Bird" - and I am truly so proud of myself...

Yeah right.

Crap, crap, crap and musj.

Becci!!! Why do you not have our home number...? Why did I forget my phone at your house??? Why did YOU forget your phone at your house??? Obviously, I could have been out, shopping with Becci. But I'm NOT, I'm at home, waiting for my Chinese tutor... I better learn something pretty darned good today... Musj. And crap.

edit: I learned a lot of good stuff. but he won't teach me any swearwords, and I sort of resent that.


Brushing your teeth actually DO pay off!!! Yey! I still have to go back and do an X-ray on something, but all in all she said it looked very good! Thank GOD! I had one tiny hole, and that was it - but it was tiiiiny - like this dot; .

So, I felt relieved to say the least, the dentist actually spoke quite good english, too. It is located on the other side of the road to the CCTV Hotel, that caught fire from fireworks on Monday. It was a horrible sight, this huge building all black and charcoaly and falling apart - it is such a shame, and although it is surprising by the look of the fire, it "only" caused one death and six injuries - but even if the damage could have been far greater, it is still just so tragic.
When I was finished at the dentist I took a taxi home. Or, more like - I ATTEMPTED to take a taxi home. Only, he didn't know my street, so I asked him to drive me to the closest "Main" road - Gongti Beilu. When we were just about aproaching Yashow, i was all "you, you, you" - which means right - only my computer doesn't really have a shortcut for the tone-mark. So he pulled up and stopped. At Yashow. I explained to him that "Nono, you in the NEXT street" - but he absolutely refused, and so I just paid him the 11 kuai and started walking home.

First of all, let me just pat my own shoulder for NOT going into Yashow... (I actually only wanna go with Kathryn now, she is such an amazing haggler...) Then, I went to a grocery store with a lot of imported foods that is less expensive than April's, Jenny Lou's and so on - to see if they had Mascarpone - but they DIDN'T. Musj. (It is across the street from the Police Station by The Village in Sanlitun, but I don't know what it is called.)

So, I just started walking home, quite annoyed actually - and then - spring came again to bless my day - the dumpling joint on the corner has put out chairs and tables on the sidewalk!!! It looked so pretty with all the different stools in different colours just out on the sidewalk, I really should have taken a picture, but my camera has gone to ****. I have to get a new one at some point.

But for now, I'll let you see what I look like, when I haven't eaten all morning because of the dentist, and then am told I have good dental hygiene, and am starving, AND realise there is a Subway in my dentist's building. Funny how I don't even like Subway normally - but I was just so hungry! I ate it like a caveman the moment I came home - after washing my hands of course. You can never wash your hands to many times in Beijing.Holy shit. I need some of that "removes rings under eyes"-tea from a TCM pharmacy PRONTO... Or/and a good nights sleep.

I don't wanna go to the dentist!!!

They are careless, ignorant, ruthless and mean people. There. I said it.

Oh, Lord.

OK, am seriously going to bed now, just waiting for ooone more pan to dissolve cooking grease, and off I go. BUT! In the meantime, as I was googling along to find a nice "pen in prison"-pic so you could fully grasp the struggles that are laying before me tomorrow. (Ehm...) - So anyway - I found THIS page. IT IS AMAZING! If you are on your way to bed, don't check it out until tomorrow, because it is MAJORLY addictive.

And I really, sincerely don't mean that in a bad way, I'm not making fun of these people or anything, it just is - for a person who's never actually been to prison - extremely interesting to see how inmates describe themselves - this one woman for instance - she is on Death Row, and describes herself like this;

I am 5ft 5in brown red gray hair 40 lbs overweight but once I'm out it will come off fast. I love all music but basically R&B, Rock n Roll. Love to take long walks.


She is on Death ROW!!!

Man, I wish I had that kind of wishful thinking and positivity in me.
Now I must sleep. Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep. All people love sleeping. I also love sleeping. I love sleeping. Once I've slept, it will come off fast.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Funtime is donetime

I really hate it when holidays come to an end, and although some may argue my life is just one long holiday, these last couple of weeks have been sooo much fun, I just wanna go back to when everybody were free and nobody had to work (except sometimes Becci & Christina) and we all just went out and walked about, ate, drank, sang (oh yes, we did! I bet Kathryn that I'd go sing KTV with them if she had some tequila shots with me. I can't even start to tell you the levels of how bad of an idea that ended up being...) danced - and so on.

But, alas! The lunar year celebrations have come to an end. And even with my previously expressed joys of spring appearing in the city, getting up early in the morning is amongst the things I hate the most in the world - they've done studies on it, whoever they are - and it seems some people just aren't cut out for getting up early, it's in our genes/blood/dna or whatever. Musj!

Things I had to do today;
- Nothing
(Well, maybe yoga, like I promised myself last night, but to... My(???) defence, I was insomniac and desperate...)

Things I have to do tomorrow;
- Dentist
- Wash a million clothes
- Chinese Class
- Yoga
- Quiz
(Get drunk at Pyro/Propaganda with friends, although that's hardly a chore)

I know it probably doesn't seem like the worst day in the world, but after weeks of just overindulging it is always hard to go back to... Well, following routines, I guess. Plus I am allergic to being told what to do, even if I know I have to do them... Gotta work on that.

Anyway, J and I made hamburgers (from scratch of course) for dinner, watched more Hells Kitchen and had a lot of fun all day long... Until it was time to do the dishes. It is quite obvious that after prepping for super yummy burgers with every accessory under the moon - in a Chinese kitchen - the mess was unbearable. After a lot of bad communication J went to bed, and I'm stuck with the rest of the dishes, and I am really, really, REALLY bad at washing up. But still - it is kind of ironic that we're so deep into Hells Kitchen at the moment and then start bitching to each other IN the kitchen.

Soo... Now I'm just gonna have one more glass of Shiraz, finish the dishes, and go to bed, because you don't wanna be jumpy when your dentist hardly would have understood a word you were saying - if he already didn't have his hands in you mouth.

Sleep tight! I hope I will as well!

(And although I know I've been complaining a lot now, I am really still thrilled deep down, because the window is open, it is no longer pm, but am - and spring is STILL in the Beijing air!)

Spring + Beijing = Finally!

Omg!!! The weather is amazing!!! Although still smoggy, Beijing is warm, sunny and absolutely beautiful today! AND QUIET... J and I went to a new food marked in Sanlitun all our friends are bragging about, and it truly was great, dead cheap and clean - I still didn't go all the way and bought any meat, but the fish looks really good and fresh and in clean surroundings. I love it!
Spring, spring, spring! Could life be any better? Well, for J it already is, hamburger & milkshake night at our house. Joooy!

Dj Whoo?

Just KIDding, and - yey! The self proclaimed "Mixtape King" Dj Whoo Kid is coming to Bling, right here in Beijing! I've heard him play once before and it was really good - though as he is the G-Unit regular dj it tends to be a bit more of the NYC gangsta rap flavour than what you'd normally get at Bling, but hey! It is gonna be sooo delightful to go out for once without hearing Dollar, Dollar bill girl, Suicidal or whatever they're all called.

50-cent hasn't had any collaborations with Akon lately, has he?

Besides, straight outta Queens as he is, Mr. Kid apparently also loves partying (hard) so this probably is gonna be a really good one, seeing as it is such a small venue.

Dear Beijing, I love you. Bling this Friday! The 13th... Ouch!
50, Lloyd Banks & Dj Whoo Kid blingin' it on

Note to self. (And J)

I have to go to yoga tomorrow, I have to go to yoga tomorrow, I have to go to yoga tomorrow.

Have to do more yoga, am in desperate need of more zen after trashy week. And it makes me sleep better, too. I can't sleep at the moment. Again. Am gonna wake J up and watch some episodes of Hells. Also need some kind of sleepy-tea from TCM-pharmacy.

(And if I don't, I don't get to drink at the pubquiz at Lush this Wednesday. And if I do, I think I might deserve a little something from Yashow...)

edit: I didn't go to yoga and I know I'm still gonna drink at pubquiz. I need some serious newyears resolutions. fast.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Beijing

I love you, but you are driving me crazy.

Not only did I forget the ayi was coming this morning - when I finally woke up by her knocking the door down poor thing - I felt like my kidneys had been left to soak at Mix on Saturday, and that they were only returned to me Monday morning. Ugh...

It is my own fault. I know that my weekend wasn't the healthiest I've had in Beijing - but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. I went shopping with my friend Kathryn all day on Friday, we really tried to explore new territory and everything (eg Russian "Alien Street" where we were scared to death by this blue eyed devil woman and no one would sell us anything OR speak anything but Russian to us) but ended up back at good old Yashow. We both got ourselves new shoes and sunglasses. So naturally - we went by Luga's for a frozen Margs and a yummy quesedillas, and were joined by J and B (not the spirit) - and after a few more drinks at our house we all went out. First to Tun, but it was too crowded, and we weren't drunk enough by far. Then we hooked up with friends at Alfa, but after the power went out and thus the music stopped - everybody left but Julian and I - and the last thing I recall was that eating chicken hearts off of a stick in between Mix and my house somewhere with Julian. I don't even know how I got home, but I woke up in the right bed - with all my clothes and my makeup still on, haha.

Saturday was a lot more mellow, J and I had dinner with friends Anne & Jordan, it's the first time I've been cooked for since I came to China (at someones house, obviously) and it was amazing. After dinner we just hung out, listened to music and had drinks, it was so nice, we didn't even realize how fast time went by until it was like 2:30 am - then J and I went out, and danced at Mix. We got so drunk my head was literally spinning when we left around five, but oh my god how much fun we had! I bought coke's to all the women working in the ladies rooms, and J was hit on by 1 in every 3 girls at the club. But we got home safe(ish), sound(ish) and together(ish). I fell asleep on the sofa, and missed out on J's annual (weekual?) McDonalds-delivers-feast. Felt great waking up to firecrackers at 8 am the following morning. Surrounded by halfeaten burgers. Just great.

So I went back to bed. After a couple of hours, J tricked me into going out for a walk, and we went to binge out at Luga's - again. (They must really think we couldn't cook if our lives depended on it...) Bought some dvd's, some mad expensive imported chocolate from the shop under 3,3 mall - found a new shortcut home, and spent the rest of Sunday on the couch.

So - the fact that I didn't feel to chirpy this morning could have been a number of things, but either way, there was just NO way our "Silence of the Niu"-party could go on as planned, and we had to cancel, as I really felt like I woke up with the entire building on my head. Which kind of brings us to why I am sitting here now, at 10 pm watching Cinema Paradiso with half an eye and blogging with the other.

I feel a lot better, actually - I've been feeling better for hours now. But I'm seriously afraid to go out the door! For two weeks now, almost nonstop - fireworks, fireworks, fireworks. I am still amazed that the delivery guy from April's made it here safely with Mascarpone, sugar and Marsala - I swear to God - it's like a war zone out there today!

But, seeing as it is WE who are the guests in this country, and the fact that I love Mondays to stay chill and lazy, it has been a quite good Monday all in all, even with having to cancel our party. I slept half the day, then J & I watched 3 episodes of last seasons "Hells Kitchen" - and decided we had to make a Tiramisu. After finally getting our hands on fresh eggs and the 70RMB box of Marscarpone (!!!) - we made a delicious sweet treat for ourselves, and thus decided to watch Cinema Paradiso. (We didn't have pasta, but Tiramisu is just as Italian, no?) But the fireworks are never ending, and my focus level is hitting rock bottom right now...

So; No party, but we still had cake - the day ended a lot better than it started - but I have to admit that no matter how pretty they all are... I can't wait to wake up in the morning to complete, utter, beautiful, smoggy SILENCE.

Happy Niu Year! And may the silence begin. (Really, whenever you guys are ready down there. Please.)