Saturday, March 28, 2009

I <3 tea!

Today, J and I (finally) went to Iris Street and bought tea! I completely fell in love with this tea called; Love At First Sight, it is soooo pretty, and it tastes damn good, too.The easiest way to get to Iris Street from Sanlitun is... - Take the line 10 to Guomao and switch to line 1. Take line 1 to Xidan and from there - you take the 46 bus. (Xidan is the last stop FROM Iris street, so I'm assuming it will take you there whatever side of the road you find it FROM Xidan.) I cannot remember what the stop you are getting off at is called, but it is kinda hard to miss, maybe 7-8 stops from Xidan - and there are teastores ALL over the place. Supposedly like... 600 of them. Have fun and go craz-tea! (Ok. No more caffeine for me.)

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